“sharing love, involving people and serving others”.


The relationship team was birth as a result of the need to fulfil one of our vision ‘…a church to partake’. One of the Mission of Precious People’s Parish is to create an environment where people could be free to partake in church. As the name suggests, our main aim is to build a tangible relationship with every member of the church, both old and new. The team takes genuine interest in members and shows their care and love through calls, visitation and most importantly they get to know them more.

The relationship team is about involving people and encourage people to get involve in church. We create a platform for both new and old member to be integrated into church and to serve in the capacity they want to. We act as a catalyst changing the dynamics of the relationship in church. We go about showing care and concern towards our members and visitors. Our aim is to make sure no one feels left out or ignored.