Be thankful

A conversation: Man: Promise you won’t get mad? GOD: I promise. Man (frustrated): Why did you let so much stuff happen to me today? GOD: What do you mean? Man: Well I woke up late GOD: Yes Man: My car took forever to start. GOD: Okay…. Man (growling): At lunch, they...
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How to Live a Fulfilled Life

Written by: Nike Ogunfowoke A fulfilled life is about accomplishing the very purpose one was created for. Every individual is different thus we all have our Unique purpose. Our purpose is the reason why God created us. Living a fulfilled life could there for be subdivided into...
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Choosing a life partner

I guess this is a question in the mind of every young person, how do I chose the right life partner. The first step towards choosing the right person is knowing yourself. Before you can choose the right person, you have to know yourself in order to know what kind of person will...
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